10 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence


Growing up can be difficult for our dear children. When we drop them to school, a different world awaits them. For them, school is not only about getting high grades and being educated. It is also a place to make friends, build relationships, discover themselves and learn how to connect with other people.


But how can he do all that if he does not have enough self-esteem? What if your child can’t even stand in front of the class? Confidence plays a key role in a child’s personal development. Without it, he might not do well in school and later on in life. To help your child boost his confidence, every step should start at home. In this article, we will share with you 10 ways that can help your child gain more self-esteem.


1. Practice independence.

When children are given the freedom to do things on their own, they become confident. Start with simple tasks. Your child might feel a little afraid being clueless, but once he knows that you are there to support his every move, he will gain confidence in himself for other future tasks that he will do for the first time.

2. Preach before you praise.

After an achievement, be mindful when praising your child. If you know that he did well but not good enough, tell your praises appropriately. Let him know that you are proud of what he did, but there are still things that he has to remember and nurture. Refrain from over-praising her. If you tell your child that he is the best even if he only did mediocrely, he might stop right there. We want your child to gain self-esteem, not overconfidence.

3. Discover uniqueness.

One of the best ways to boost confidence is by knowing yourself. If your child knows that something in him is special, he won’t have to feel inferior towards his friends and classmates. Every person is unique and as for your kid, he might not feel that way yet. Help him unlock talents and skills that he might have by attending personal development courses and activities. Does he like listening to music? Arts? Fashion? Science? Sports? Try to get to know him when you get the chance.


4. Always be in bird’s eye view.

Have you ever been in that situation where you are in the middle of a school dance and you are looking at the audience trying to find your parents? That’s what your child wants too. Knowing that you are there in every step of the way. Presence means love for our children and when they know that they are loved, guided and supported, they will believe that they can do more things. When they grow up, they will always look at you as an inspiration to strive harder and dream bigger.

5. Avoid comparison.

Remember that you are helping your child discover his uniqueness. He did great because he is special in his own way, not because he won against somebody. The comparison will only lower his self-esteem. If he knows that somebody is better than him, he will always live in somebody else’s shadow. The same principle also applies the other way around; your child should not gain confidence from somebody inferior.

6. Communication is key.

Your child might be shy because he sees you more as an authority figure rather than a confidant. He might also feel this way towards other adults. If his mentality stays this way, he might not perform well in school since he might also see his teacher as an authority figure he can’t confide with. When your child knows how to talk to you, he will also know how to please you.

7. Mistakes are normal.

Nobody is perfect. You might have heard this many times already, but mistakes are a way of life. If you don’t mess up, you probably haven’t done anything wonderful. If your child is afraid of committing mistakes, he will stay where he is – trying to be perfect. He will be afraid of failure and just try to be neutral. But hey, failure is beautiful. Only in imperfection will we be able to see the beauty of success. Just make sure that when your child makes a mistake, follow-up with a backup plan to make it right.

8. Be his role-model.

Who else can show them how to properly present themselves? You, of course! Show them how to face other people. Teach your child values, proper hygiene, grooming, and ethics. If he can dress properly, he is ready for the world. Just like in war, equip him with whatever he needs to win in life.

9. Good vibes for a good life.

Teach your child the advantages of having a positive mindset. A child who knows how to look at the bright side will always be a ray of sunshine to everyone else and that surpasses the need to prove himself to them. Teach him to smile and control his emotions in all kinds of situation. Develop a “can-do” attitude so that his fears and anxieties can’t control him.

10. Give love unconditionally.

This might come naturally, but it is the best way to boost your child’s confidence. Your presence should come with unconditional love. There are instances where parents are present but the child is neglected. Physically being there does not absolutely mean quality time. You have to spend time with your child to be able to apply all the ways to boost his confidence. Your child draws strength from you and he can only be confident when he knows that you love him without a doubt.