6 Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Memory

Our brain is the most wonderful creation in our body. Even if there are people who study about the most hardworking organ in our body, we are still unsure as to how it really works. When we sleep, it does not shut down with our eyes. It still works overnight for our other organs and prepares them for the moment we wake up.

As we grow old, we begin to think that our brain and its cells can not improve and it only goes to one direction – memory loss. What most of us do not know is that we can improve and maintain our memory. There are several ways to improve our memory and these ways can also be taught to our children. Here are six tips to keep a sharp memory.

1. Go back to the age of puzzles and board games.

Family Playing Board Game At Home

When you have free time, try to play a lot of brain games. These games do not have to be applications from your phone. One good idea is to buy new or old newspapers and try finishing a crossword from the entertainment section. There are also cheap books that contain a lot of brain games. Visit your local bookstore and purchase one or two books containing crossword and Sudoku puzzles. There are also word search books that you and your kid might enjoy. Challenge your child to a time trial and see who finishes a word search page first. Not only do you get rid of gadgets but you also earn points for family bonding time.

Another memory-improving suggestion is playing board games such as chess, Scrabble or checkers. Buy board games that will really challenge your brain and make sure that the whole family can join so you can have more family time. Here is a list of the best board games since the beginning of old school game time.

2. Sleep when you can.

Nowadays, it is hard to get 8 full hours of sleep. Parents and children find it more difficult to hit the sack because of their mobile gadgets. Our mobile phones emit a ‘blue light’ that causes long term effects to our brain, as well as our eyes.

As parents, we need to be firm with our sleeping schedule. When we implement a rule, we must also obey it so that everybody in the family will follow. When everybody is seated at the dining table, tell them that there will be a ‘phone basket’. Everybody’s phones will be in the basket before bedtime and that everybody needs to participate.

If you are a parent to a baby or a toddler, you should sleep when you can. When your child sleeps, sleep with them. They may wake up during a nap or at night but when they see you sleeping, they will go back to sleeping too. It doesn’t matter if you still have to wash dishes or do your laundry. Sleep is more important and it will benefit everybody.

3. Always go for brain-boosting food.

Seafood contains Omega-3 that is good for your brain. Salmon, tuna, halibut, trout, mackerel, sardines, and herring are some examples of cold water fish that keep your brain healthy. If seafood is not your thing, you can try seaweed, walnuts, ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil, winter squash, kidney and pinto beans, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and soybeans.

Fruits and vegetables are also packed with antioxidants that are good for better brain development keep it from being damaged. Green tea is also known to enhance and improve your memory.

4. Talk to yourself, a lot.

If you have a lot of things to memorize, read it out loud. Teach that topic to yourself over and over again. Remember when an old song gets stuck in your head? That’s called a mnemonic sound device. One honest example is the alphabet song. Children listen to it and they memorize all 26 letters immediately. If you got a long list of names or dates to remember, make replace the lyrics of a catchy song with everything on your notes. The number of times that is recommended for you to memorize something faster is 30.

5. Physical fitness leads to mental fitness.

Get up and get those brain juices flowing. When you have less mental activity, your brain cells will deteriorate anytime soon. Physical activity is one good way to keep the blood flowing to your brain. There are different physical activities that are beneficial for further mental growth, especially activities that are focused on hand-eye coordination or complex motor skills.

If you wake up early to warm-up and exercises, you will find it easier to do chores and other strenuous activities. Yoga and meditation are beneficial for people who are experiencing stress on a daily basis. To help you with yoga here is an article containing effective yoga asanas for better brain health.

6. Laughter will always be the best medicine.

Go out with your friends and be the life of the party. Throw punchlines and be the clown. Laughter causes a lot of our brain regions to function and produces Serotonin – a hormone that is responsible for happiness. Make your friends laugh and soon you will realize that your happy hormones make you more creative than ever. If you are not a comedian yourself, start with a few embarrassing moments to share with your family or friends. Watch comedy shows or movies with your family and make sure to laugh it all out. On a lazy weekend morning, start your day with one funny viral video you find funny.