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Why Highlighting Textbooks Is One of The Worst Techniques

    Parents, does this look familiar to you? Your child is supposed to highlight only the main points, but instead, he ended up highlighting the majority of his textbook with 3 different colors. To make the matters worse, when your child decides to review his material, the multi-colored te

Top 7 Apps To Help Students Become More Productive

  We all know that school is challenging for our children. Juggling assignments, lessons, projects, research papers, and extra-curricular activities can hinder your child’s productivity if he is not organized. Good thing mobile and web applications exist to help us accomplish things in ju

10 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

  Growing up can be difficult for our dear children. When we drop them to school, a different world awaits them. For them, school is not only about getting high grades and being educated. It is also a place to make friends, build relationships, discover themselves and learn how to connect with

6 Recommended Apps For Parents To Help Kids Cope With Study Schedule

  As much as we want to be with our child most of the time, we also have to teach them how to manage their time wisely. But how can we guide them properly if we only have a few hours to rest from work? In this article, we will share 6 mobile phone apps […]

6 Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Memory

Our brain is the most wonderful creation in our body. Even if there are people who study about the most hardworking organ in our body, we are still unsure as to how it really works. When we sleep, it does not shut down with our eyes. It still works overnight for our other organs and […]