“If you really want to achieve something, just give your best shot, participate a 100% at all times! I know it may not be easy, I know i will face a lot of challenges but i will overcome it with all my efforts and stay positive at all times. It’s my choice to choose what kind of life I want and it’s all about taking ACTION! YESS21 Massive Impact is the best programme I have ever attended! Graduated with great people!”

Joel Lim
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“I learnt a lot of things at YESS21 Massive Impact programme like effective study method, the meaning of life, how families are important, to have resilience and grit to fight for our goals and much much more. I actually came to this programme by my own will but on the first day I felt lazy and unmotivated. Slowly, I learnt how to give my best and give my 100%. This programme really changed my life and inspired me a lot!”

Leewen Chua
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“Thank you for motivating us, Mr Benjamin Ong! I never had such a supporting, funny and understanding educator like you before. You taught me very well on how to study and learn smart. More importantly, you taught me to be a successful, confident and better person. With all your teachings, I will apply them in my studies and life for better and positive massive impact for my future!”

Abby Sapherina
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“The best team. The 5 FANTASTICS. I have to admit that I had the most awesome time at camp these past 4 days. My first sentence when I stepped into the camp was “I’m not here to make friends” and here I am knowing 5 great people. I’m glad that we met and I’m glad that I get to go through tears, sweat and laughter with all of you. Till we meet again!”

Tressa Agie Majanil
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“After he attend YESS21 Workshop, he become a cheerful, hardworking and responsible youth. His time management for his study and leisure also improving. Thanks to Bong and his Team for Fulfill their commitment towards the workshop.”

Yun Zhi’s Mother
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“I was the person who has nicknamed as the young old man. I wish you and your team that you all are having a great day. I hereby am sending this email to you is to thank you guys and the team for your help and efforts for guiding me in the workshop.”

Clarence Choe
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“He made us laugh. He made us cry. But most importantly he made us realize our purpose in life & set our heart on fire to achieve our goals. Thank you Bong”

Patricia Petrus
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduate

“I would like to convey my deepest thanks and appreciation to all of you for doing such a great job. Rigan has show so much improvements even within this short time.He really loves and enjoys this seminar. Please keep me posted for any future seminars. Well done… Thumbs up to all of you.”

Lily Chuo
Mother of Rigan Chuo

“We are so lazy and unmotivated before join this programme.. Thanks for motivated and three of us.. We learned so much thin like remember using visual.. L.E.A.P and more.. we also get some new friend like.”

Norhisham Family
YESS21 Massive Impact Graduates

“I would like to say thank you for the effort and expertise that you brought to the motivation camp. My son thoroughly enjoyed it without any regrets He found the training was so inspiring and learned a lots. I will be back to enroll for my 2nd son.”

Janet Lee
Lee Wen’s Mother

My name is Canny, I am Indonesian and I am 18 years old. I’m currently taking my Diploma in Business Management Studies Singapore. 3 years ago, my school invited Bong for a academic and motivational workshop to prepare us to face the National exams (o’level).My class was very lucky to get Bong as our coach because he’s probably the funniest and most inspirational trainer out of all as I heard from my friends from other classes told me that they have a really boring coach.

He shared with us about how to memorize things easily by creating storylines which is really helpful for me until now! I remember my classmates and I asking each other about what stories we created to memorize certain points for our exam topics.

Those were really good times, he made studying and memorizing really fun for us. He also created a daily timetable for us as we were complaining that there would not be enough time for us to learn everything before our o’level starts. We were really scared that we were stress even before the olevel schedules were out. However, he proved us wrong, we actually have more than enough time to study everything before our papers.

I followed his timetable throughout the whole year and find it really helpful. I find some of my classmates that didn’t follow Bong’s study timetable gets really stressful at the end of the year because they try to cram everything up when it is already nearing the exam.

Having Bong as our trainer during the beginning of secondary four was probably the best days in our olevel year. He is a really funny and inspiring coach! He would make the sessions really funny and interesting by sharing his own past stories. I really miss him as a coach and those fun times our class had! He made us believe that anything is possible. My olevel year would probably turn out differently if I hadn’t met Bong. So I would like to thank Bong for everything he’s shared and the way he motivates me to face through obstacles in life,

Thank you Bong!
Yours truly,
Canny Claudya Lim

My name is Hwang Sun Woo. I am 19 year old Korean staying in Singapore for 7 years. I studied in Serangoon Secondary School and Yishun Junior College and now I am waiting to get into local university. Although I only know Mr Bong for 4days, I can never forget how voluntary and passionate he was during his motivational and academic training.

I remember it was an early period of the year whereby the anxiety and nervousness for GCE O-Level were rather extreme. Since the beginning of the year, O-Level was something that always stressed me out

Amidst the depression and constant exasperation, I was not able to find a breakthrough for my life. I am not stating that he has transformed my life from a top to the bottom yet he did influence me at the right part of my life.

He had his own way to approach the students very well. He was hilarious and humourous. When I first saw him coming into the classroom, I belittled him and did not want to be part of the programme as I was certain that such programme would never be a remedy in my situation.

I was wrong. In spite of my rude and unacceptable behaviour, he has accepted the students like me as who they are and guided them by his way. He was really giving me something concrete during the programme. I laughed, giggled and truly enjoyed the moments that I had with him.

He was very focused on his job which is to motivate us. He was not normal mundane instructor who actually squander the time that can be utilised more usefully.

He was someone who never failed to generate laughter and attract attention from the students. He helped me to be brighter and hopeful with my studies.

He was very interactive and has something that makes himself unforgettable to people just like me. He does know how to listen, understand and talk with the students. He basically had a knack for this. I want to appreciate personally to him for the indescribable help and enjoyment I got from him.

Thank you Bong!
Hwang Sun Woo.

Dear Mr. Bong,
I’m Kai Jie, currently 17 years old. Studying in ITE college West.
I’m writing this letter to thank you for teaching me last year in hillgrove secondary school. I’ve experienced your training at hillgrove secondary and it was at march period.
I have learnt lots of motivating skills from you and one of them is the video that you showed me about a guy carrying another guy from the starting point of the field to the end point, and I told myself that the things that I do, must never give up no matter what.

I was like a playful kid that don’t like to study much, and replaced it with games, and I’m also that type of quiets boys.
I did not experienced the same services as you’re the only first one to teach me.

The most memorable was last day at the workshop, we took a class photo with you and some of my friends even miss you after you left. When I first saw you, I thought you’re those kind of guys that has angry face but after knowing you a few days, you’re not bad after all. Lastly, I will never forget the things that you taught my whole class about motivating skills and really thankful for that.

Yours Sincerely,
Kai Jie

Hi Bong,
I clearly remember the first time I participated in your training as a coach to-be in 2010 when you taught us not only knowledge and principles but the skills to be better coaches, finer individuals. You have never failed to inspire any of us through your sharing and constant encouragement, giving great advices to point us towards the right direction. Throughout the past few years where I assisted you in workshops and camps, you’ve always been a fun loving trainer who showed no airs towards your assistants. I’ve watched as you empowered many lives through your laughter-filled training and has been inspired no less than any one in the crowd you’ve trained. It was indeed a joy to have participated in your training sessions.

You are truly a mentor, a friend, a source of positive forces which helped shape me to who I am today, confident and graceful. Thank you for encouraging me all this while and I’m sincerely thankful that I met you.


“The best learning is to learn with the Professional”
-Ketsara, 2015

You cannot imagine how much the potential do you have in real but the Professional see and push it out. It’s so amazing in my life that I have knew Mr.Bong who is the professional coach to motivate, inspire and teach the secret of life.

That’s “You can do everything if you focus 100%”

For 8 years ago, before I am the Professional Trainer in Thailand now, I had the big chance to learn and work with Mr.Bong in the camp. He is the good coach, good supporter and good entertainer. You are always very happy and funny when Mr.Bong is there. He can make you smile and enjoy anything so you do not feel serious whatever you learn but you are learning.
No words is enough to say Thank you and thank you very much Mr.Bong to share and wake me up to believe in my goal and my special talent.

If you would like to bring your deep potential, just learn with Mr.Bong-The real Professional.

Ketsara Walundet
Learning Designer