Top 7 Apps To Help Students Become More Productive


We all know that school is challenging for our children. Juggling assignments, lessons, projects, research papers, and extra-curricular activities can hinder your child’s productivity if he is not organized. Good thing mobile and web applications exist to help us accomplish things in just one click.

For the past five years, a lot of apps were created and changed our lives. In this article, we will show you the most recommended mobile and web apps that can help your child become more productive in school.


1. Evernote (Free & Premium – $24 yearly / iOS, Android, Web)


Ideas come and go while surfing the web. With Evernote, you can collect and organize your notes just like you would on a notebook. This is ideal for students who are brainstorming or working on a research paper. You can save videos, PDFs, text, photos and any other kind of information you would like to keep. If your child uses Google Chrome, Evernote has an extension called the Evernote Web Clipper where he can clip parts of an article and save it to a categorized folder a.k.a. ‘notebook’. Instead of saving several screenshots and cropping the parts of a web page that are not needed, Evernote will help you save the ideas and paragraphs that are necessary. You can also create to-do lists within the app.


2. iStudiezPro ($2.99 for iOS & Android / $9.99 for Mac & Windows)

For those who have used this app, they refer to iStudiezPro as a “Swiss army knife” for students. Practically, it is a student planner that has a tracker for schedule, homework, classes, and even grades. It manages all the information of your teachers, pending assignments, your calendar. Available on most platforms and has different affordable fees for each.


3. Anki (Free / All platforms)

Flash cards are one of the methods to memorize new information. Anki is an app that lets you create digital flash cards and helps you remember things easily. This is recommended for students who has a photographic memory. It has a feature called “spaced repetition” that can figure out when and if you need to go over the cards again. Anki is ideal for learning a new language, studying medical terms, memorizing lengthy poems, and even geographical data. You can access the flashcards anywhere and anytime with its synchronization feature. There are also pre-made Anki decks online that your child can download for further study.


4. Wunderlist (Free / All platforms)


A sleek app that manages your tasks and separate to-dos from bigger projects that you need to accomplish. Wunderlist can remind you anytime as you set reminders, due dates and assign to-dos. You can also create folders with all the lists in it, share them with your friends and family, and take notes. If you child has repeating tasks, Wunderlist has a ‘recurring task’ feature.


5. RescueTime (Free & Premium – $9 monthly / Mac, PC, Android, Linux)

Is your child wondering where his time went at the end of the day? With all the distractions that the internet offers, it becomes hard to focus and study. This is where RescueTime comes in. It literally saves your time by determining which sites and activities are steering you away from getting your tasks done. It works in the background and has a feature that blocks websites for a limited time so that you can focus on what you are working on. RescueTime also gives reports on a daily basis and sends you notifications when you are spending a significant amount of time on a single activity.


6. Scanner Pro ($3.99 for iOS devices only)

This app can turn your iPhone into a portable scanner. Most of the time, students are given lots of study paper and gets lost or tampered over time. By simply taking a picture of the document, you can save it as a PDF file for later use. You can also edit the document’s brightness, put signatures, color stamps, and crop. The scanned document can also be converted into text because of Scanner Pro’s advanced optical character recognition feature.


7. iTunes U (Free for iOS devices only)

You might have seen this app before but never opened it on your Apple device. iTunes U is an app that gives you unlimited access to lectures and courses from some the best schools and universities in the world. It is the world’s largest collection of free education content from several academic resources. Your child can also view and discuss updates on his assignments and courses with the whole class.