YESS21: Youth Empowerment Success System 21st Century

Youth Empowerment Success System 21, or YESS21, is an enrichment program that prioritizes on transferring accelerated learning skills to your child thus helping them excel in their formative years. It is also balanced with a holistic program that helps to nurture and cultivate their life skills to help them with their future.

Four Pillars Of Live Smart


The child will understand the importance of specific goal settings. They will develop a positive mindset to start unleashing their potential.

I Can

Skill sets such as Memory Turbo Charge to remember up to 450 words in 1 hour, Instant Comprehension to understand any exam essays in half the time, and Visual Mapping to condense 45 pages of notes into 1 page, are just a few of the many skills that they will learn inside our accelerated youth program.


Self-Esteem, self-worth, self-motivation, and self-confidence should be the core of every child these days. With the ever growing challenges of school and society, the best thing that a parent can provide would be these skills to tackle the path that lies before them.


The children develop the necessary relationship skills to communicate with their family and friends. They develop a greater sense of empathy and become more expressive with their ideas experiences.

FIVE Support System Of YESS21

Self-Motivation Mastery
Learn how to ignite their motivation, without any forms of bribing or nagging from parents

Self Esteem & Self-Worth Mastery
Reignite their burning desire to get As for finals and enter the university faculty of their dreams.

Time Management Mastery
Master the secrets of time management and breeze through exam preparation with strategic timetabling and efficient study skills.

Learning Skills Mastery
Reduce study hours by 40% and memorize up to 450 words in 60 minutes. Allow them to ace their exams and save thousands of dollars in tuition fees.

Communications Mastery
Establish an enriching friendship with peers with fluent communication skills, understand own personality, and how to articulate with proven personality profiling.