Making the Most of Your Time with the Pomodoro Technique

pomodoro techniqueThere are a lot of different time management strategies and methods out there but many who have tried it even for a short time feel that The Pomodoro Technique is unlike any other, and in a good way. So what is it about this method of time management that makes it special? Let’s take a look:

Learn to Make Time Work for You, Not Against You

Those who really struggle with time management issues often feel like time is their enemy, as they spend their lives rushing to meet deadlines and even have difficulty making it to meetings on time. The Pomodoro Technique helps you learn to use time to your advantage and the learning curve is not steep at all.

Learn to Manage Distractions

Another big hurdle to effective time management is constantly being sidetracked by all of the distractions that pop up throughout the day, from ill-timed text messages to random thoughts. The Pomodoro Technique teaches you how to identify, manage and prioritize these distractions and prevent them from throwing your whole day off track.

Avoid Burnout

One of the concepts that is central to The Pomodoro Technique is the idea that without taking scheduled, short breaks when working people inevitably ‘burn out’ and their productivity plummets. The method teaches you how to build these into your day without disrupting your schedule.

Finally Achieve Work/Life Balance

Many of us are always searching for that elusive ‘work/life’ balance that is touted around so often. If you have a less than productive day you will generally feel rather disappointed, even a little guilty about it, making your free time harder to enjoy. By utilizing The Pomodoro Technique to help ensure that every day is a more productive one you will be able to better enjoy your downtime and get closer to achieving the ‘holy grail’ that is real life/work balance.