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How to Help Your Child Cope With Negative Emotions – And Learn Something Yourself

Most adults believe that emotions are mystifying things that come from deep within the brain and that they are almost impossible to control. Because they believe this, people try to suppress their emotions rather than deal with them, and if those adults are parents it is a trait that they tend to pa

The Best Way to Spend Money on Your Kids? Give Them Experiences, Not Stuff

As a parent you no doubt have spent lots of sleepless night wondering how to give your kids the best life possible. Here’s one big answer: stop buying them so many things and instead take that money and give them great, exciting experiences. Research shows they will remember special events and

Teens and Friends Who are a Bad Influence – What Should a Parent Do?

As parents, we put all our heart and soul into raising our children to be the best they can possibly be. We want them to be as healthy, successful and happy as possible. In their teen years, it can often seem as though their friends are fast becoming the most important people in their everyday [&hel